b'land warrant: a paper that gave its owner claim to a certain amount of land loft: an upstairs area in cabins used as sleeping quarters militia: a group of people who are trained for military duty and are called upononly in case of emergency municipal corporation: a group of self-governing people who live near each other neutral: not favoring either side in a war or quarrel obsidian: a very hard volcanic rock sometimes found in the Rocky Mountain area out-lot: a lot that is outside the town, usually farmland pacifist: a person who is against fighting or war as a way to settle a dispute paleo-: prefix meaning old parcel: a plot of land patent: an official document that gives the right of ownership to a specificperson or organization portage path: a route over land for carrying boats or goods from one body ofwater to another preamble: an opening statement that gives the reasons for the information thatwill follow prehistoric: before written records were kept premonition: an unexplained feeling about something that is going to happen public domain: land that belongs to all the people through their government quarry: a place where bedrock is found and cut into shapes used for building range: a vertical row of townships raw material: something found in nature that can be turned into somethinguseful or valuable refugee: a person who leaves one land to find safety somewhere else right-of-way: a legal right to pass over another persons land rural: descriptive of farm land salt lick: a place where salt is deposited, usually by a spring. site: places where archaeologists dig for artifacts squatter: a person who claimed land merely by living on it surveying: using mathematics to find the area, lengths, and directions forboundaries on the earths surface and accurately showing these on paper surveyor: someone who surveys land till: a mix of soil and rock timber: wood that is cut for use township: specific land area, usually six miles square, that was subdivided into 36one-square-mile sections trespass: to illegally enter another persons land turnpike: a road a person must pay to use turnpike company: a private company that built paved roads; payment wascollected as tolls from travelers unglaciated: an area where glaciers have never been urban: descriptive of a city versatile: able to be used many different ways veteran: a former soldierpage 87'