b'The oldest evidence of people livingPrehistoric Ohio in Ohio tells us they were here aroundOhio lands hold many mysteries. 13,000 B.C. Anthropologists, scientistsSome have been solved by scientists who who study ancient people and cultures,study prehistoric areas. Some of Ohios have a theory. Many of them believe thatmysteries may never be solved. We do Asian people (from China, for example)know one thingOhio has been a good over a period of many, many years trav-land for many people for a very long time. eled by land from Asia into the present-Long before the European explorers day state of Alaska. Long ago the twotraveled into Ohio, people lived here. continents of Asia and North AmericaThey are called prehistoric people were connected there. However, the lastbecause they lived before any records glaciers left behind the waterway we nowabout how they lived were written down. call the Bering Strait[see graphic (P)] ,When people arrived, who wrote and which separates Asia from Alaska. Asrecorded history, the prehistoric period the people traveled, they moved southended. The cutoff date of the prehis- and east, migrating into and acrosstoric period in Ohio is around 1600 A.D. Canada, America, Central America, andwhen Europeans began exploring this even into South America. Of course, thisregion. took centuries and several generations.Arctic OceanAsiaAlaskaBering StraitPacific OceanGraphic (P)page 8'