b'Ebenezer Zane had laid out a roadOther Land Grants for the government that ran fromWheeling, Virginia (now West Virginia),Some smaller areas were granted, or through Ohio to Limestone, Kentuckygiven, to individuals because of services (now Maysville, Kentucky). Called Zanesthey provided the government. One of Trace, it opened in 1797. In exchange forthese men was Arnold Henry Dohrman, a his work, the Congress gave him threeU.S. agent at the court of Lisbon, tracts of land, each 640 acres, which hePortugal, during the American Revolution. could choose for himself. One was on theWhile there, he made sure that American Muskingum River (now in Zanesville, Ohio),sailors who had been captured by the one was on the Hocking River (now inBritish were fed, clothed, and given Lancaster, Ohio), and one was on themedical treatment. He spent his own Scioto River, across from Chillicothe.money to do this. When the war was over, Why did he choose these spots? BecauseDohrman gave Congress a list of all his of the road he had already laid out, Zaneexpenses during the war. He was repaid, knew that these were key points wheresome of it in cash, and the rest he people needed to cross the rivers. Zanereceived as a land grant. He was given an operated ferries at all three points. Thisentire township (about 23,000 acres) in was a good business because peoplethe Seven Ranges area. Half is in needed these boats to help them crossHarrison County; the other half is in the rivers with their goods. ZanesTuscarawas County. brother, Isaac Zane, also received threeGraphic (JJJ)page 59'