b'We gratefully acknowledge the following people and organizations for providing Along the Ohio Trailwith images and information:Dr. George W. Knepper, Distinguished Professor of History, Emeritus,The University of Akron for editorial guidance.The Ohio Historical Society for use of most of the images in this bookthat were provided by the Archives/Library Division. The University of Cincinnati for permission to print the illustrations ofFort Ancient, Stubbs Woodhenge and the Hopewell site.The Ohio Department of Natural Resources for the use of illustrationsfrom C.E. Shermans Original Land Subdivisions. To the many researchers who provided advice and suggestions for this publication, sincere thanks and grateful appreciation for all your help. The book would not have been possible without the help of manyemployees in various departments of the Auditor of States Office.We would like to give special thanks to:Jeff Roberts, Asst. Director of Graphicspage 89'