b'Ohios Constitutional merely a figurehead (someone who has aConvention title, but little or no power). This wasprobably in reaction to Governor St.On November 1, 1802, thirty-five Clairs attempts to hold too much power.men met in Chillicothe to write a consti- Thomas Worthington was chosen totution. This was called Ohios First hand-deliver the constitution toConstitutional Convention. It took them Congress. Nearly three weeks afteronly twenty-nine days to complete. These leaving Ohio, Worthington arrived inmen were some of the brightest, most Washington, D.C. He met with the presi-able men this country has seen, and their dent and on December 22, 1802, heability to work well together made this delivered his document to Congress.part of the process go smoothly. Onlyone person of the thirty-five wasopposed to statehood, so their generalagreement was a great advantage.Even so, these men decided itwas best for Ohio not to submit theconstitution to the general populationfor a vote. They felt this might putstatehood at great risk becauseseveral key people were siding with St.Clair and the Federalist Party. The constitution established thatthe first election in the state would beheld in January 1803. For the firsttime in this country, someone who didnot own land was able to vote. Anyadult free male (and there should havebeen no slaves in Ohio, according tothe constitution) who paid taxes couldvote. The offices to be electedincluded: state senators and represen-A pipe tomahawk fromtatives, governor, sheriffs, township the collections of thetrustees, justices of the peace, and Ohio Historical Societybearing the inscriptioncoroners (people who decide the cause Tecumseh 1807. Thisof death of another person). The legis- beautiful weapon withsilver inlay waslature of Ohio was given more power presented to ThomasWorthington by thethan the governor, who in fact was Shawnee leaderTecumseh.Graphic (QQQ)page 69'