b'belong only to the French or the British and the Ohio Valley was no longer open to not both, and only a war would decide the British. who had the right to claim the area. That George Washington then led a smallwar is known as the French and Indian army to the area, was defeated andWar. quickly established Fort Necessity. AThe next year, 1754, the French group of French and Indians attackedand their Indian allies captured a British the fort before it was completely built,fort and renamed it Fort Duquesne, after and Washington was forced to surrender.the governor-general of New France. The He and his troops were allowed to returnFrench use of the fort was effective, to Virginia.Along the Ohio TrailNatives in Ohio at the beginning of theFrench and Indian War could see that theFrench were getting stronger in Ohio Country,so they became dependent on the French fortrading and protection. Shawnee, Delaware, andWyandot warriors fought for the French nearFort Duquesne. The French encouraged the native warriorsto attack isolated British settlements furthereast. Many men, women, and children were killedor captured by Ohios natives on behalf of the French. Not allcaptives were hurt, though. Young people were usually treatedwell and were even adopted into the tribe. Native familiestook care of them and taught them their ways. Mary Campbell was one ofthese captives. She was takenfrom her home by theDelaware and was adoptedinto a native family. Sevenyears later, she wasreturned to her family inPennsylvania.page 25'