b'between Pennsylvania and Ohio was sur-The Seven Ranges veyed and set later.).As you can see on the map on page Next he marked the point where46, graphic (UU), the Seven Ranges are the Geographers Line touched the northlocated on the eastern boundary of Ohio. bank of the Ohio River. Called the PointThis area was the very first tract sur- of Beginning, this would be his startingveyed using the federal survey system point for surveying the area. The line ranunder the Public Land Act of 1785. The west, 42 miles from the Point of Begin-area could not be divided into smaller ning (which is now in East Liverpool). Asections until the western boundary of range is a vertical (up and down) row ofPennsylvania (called the Geographers townships. Each range was six miles wide,Line) was established. In 1785, Thomas so seven ranges made up 42 miles. ThatHutchins, the Surveyor General of the is where the name Seven Ranges cameUnited States, set it at about 80 31 from.West Longitude (Now this is the Even after four ranges had beenboundary between Pennsylvania and West surveyed, not much of this area had beenVirginia. North of that, the boundary sold. Congress was concerned about theAlong the Ohio TrailOne of the key men to settle the Virginia Military Districtwas Nathaniel Massie. He was a surveyor and a land developer. Aland developer is someone who plans out how an area of land canbe developed to benefit the people living there. In 1790 he chosea site near the Ohio River and got nineteenother men involved in settling this area.He gave each of them lots (small sectionsof land) in exchange for being part of hisnew settlement. This was the firstofficial settlement in the Virginia MilitaryDistrict. Called Massies Station at thetime, today this town is known asManchester, Ohio.Massie also surveyed and helpedsettle the Chillicothe region, northeastof Manchester.page 45'