b'By following these steps, records After many years and manycould be kept of land parcels. The men surveys, Virginia ceded to the federalwho did the surveys were usually given government any land in the Virginiapart of the parcel (20% or more) or Military District that had not beenthey were paid cash as payment for patented or claimed. In 1871 Congresstheir services. Many surveyors grew rich ceded this land to the state of Ohio.by selling off the many land parcels they The next year Ohio set this land asidewere given.as an endowment (something that pro-George Washington himself had a vides income or support for an organiza-Virginia military warrant for 23,333 tion) for The Ohio State University. Theacres in the VMD. He did not follow university was able to sell these lands inthrough on this. At one point he had land order to raise money for its ongoingin Clermont and Hamilton counties sur- growth and development in Columbus andveyed, but these lands were never issued central Ohio.a patent in Washingtons name.The first settlement in the VirginiaMilitary District was atMap of a section of Manchester, just north twelve miles of of the Ohio River. Next Scioto Valley with its ancient monuments.the Chillicothe area wasConstructed by surveyed and became E.G. Sguier in 1847.the population center ofthe VMD. Of course,many of these VMD set-tlers were from Virginia.Although they wereallowed to have slaves inVirginia, they could notbring them into the new CHILLICOTHEterritory. That provisionin the NorthwestOrdinance held firm, andOhio would ever be afree state.Graphic (TT)page 44'