b' In 1830, it nearly doubled again, to Most of this population growth950,000. came as people in the East moved into In 1840, it grew to 1,520,000. Ohio. Also, people from Europe immi- In 1850, it reached 1,980,000nearly grated, or moved from one country to2 million! another, to the United States, and some In 1860, it exceeded 2 million, reaching of these immigrants settled in Ohio.2,340,000. Most people in Ohio were farmers, but as By 1900, only 40 years later, the popu- years passed and cities grew, morelation had doubled to more than 4 people found other means of making amillion people. living. Ohio is still a rich farm area, but From 1800with 45,000 peopleto the number of farmers, as compared to1900with 4,000,000 peopleother professions, is small.Ohios population had grown about 100times larger in just one century.Graphic (XXX)page 80'