b'Land Offices can see these areas on the map on pageSelling land in Ohio was a way for 42 wherever you see Congress LandsCongress to make money for the national indicated. Since these lands were nottreasury. Much of the land in Ohio still controlled by a land company, a way tobelonged to the federal government. You sell parcels needed to be established.Along the Ohio TrailBreaking the law has always been a serious offense, and inthe Ohio settlements, communities had to make up their ownlaws. In Marietta, the leaders fastened their laws to a tree. Alawbreaker might pay a fine, have to work around thesettlement, be whipped, or even be sent away from thesettlement forever. Once the territory had a legislature, then the same lawsand penalties would apply in all towns. Here are some laws thatwere passed by the first legislature: Arson was punishable by death (the territory was avery wooded land, so arson was taken very seriously). Bounties were offered for wolf scalps. Many farmerswere upset about having their hogs and sheep killed bywild animals. Public cursing was illegal. No businesses could operate on the Sabbath. Gambling, dueling, fighting, and public drunkennesswere illegal.As for public service, men were required to work on theroads of the territory. As the area developed, roadwaysbecame more and more necessary, but who wasgoing to make them? The residents of Ohio,thats who. All able-bodied men had to give acertain number of days to helping build Ohiosroads. These public workers helped makeroads and build bridges. If theydidnt show up, they were finedas much as 75 cents per day!page 63'