b'ment to Fort Stephenson and Old A great leader, Perry took the shipsBetsey herselfat Fremont, Ohio). flag, wrapped it around him, and had hisThe key naval battle of the war men ferry him to the next largest ship inoccurred near Put-In-Bay on Lake Erie in the fleet, the Niagara. From that ship, he1813. Captain Oliver Hazard Perry (only led the rest of the battle until thetwenty-six years old) organized men and British commander surrendered. Thematerials in Erie, Pennsylvania, to build an Battle of Lake Erie was won by theAmerican naval fleet. He knew that the Americans. It was the last battle foughtBritish had six ships on Lake Erie. In only on Ohio territory.four months, the U.S. had a fleet of nine The last battle of the War of 1812fully armed vessels. The two navies met was the Battle of the Thames, in Canada,on September 10, 1813. Both sides knew where the British and natives had fledthat this could be the turning point of after the naval defeat. Tecumseh wasthe war in the west. After more than killed in this battle. three hours of intense gunfire, Perrys The war ended in 1815 with themain ship, the Lawrence, was disabled.Treaty of Ghent. This treaty set newMain Treaties Ceding Native American Lands in OhioConcluded Place of Treaty Acres Ceded Tribes Concerned1795, Aug 3 Greenville, Ohio 16,930,417 Eleven Northwestern tribes.1805, July 4 Fort Industry, Ohio 2,726,812 Ottawas, Wyandots, Chippewas, Pottawatamies,Shawnees, Delawares.1807, Nov. 17 Detroit, Michigan 345,600 Chippewas, Ottawas,Wyandots, Pottawatamies.1808, Nov. 25 Brownstown, Michigan 2 Roads Same tribes as Detroit1817, Sep. 29 Fort Meigs, Ohio 4,554,459 Ottawas, Wyandots, Chippewas, Pottawatamies,Shawnees, Delawares &Senecas.1818, Sep. 17 St. Marys, Ohio n.a. Ottawas, Shawnees,Wyandots and Senecas.1818, Oct. 2 St. Marys, Ohio n.a. Weas.1818, Oct. 6 St. Marys, Ohio 297,600 Miamis.page 76'