b'Along the Ohio TrailSimonthats my name. It is also the name of two men whowere important in Ohio history during the American Revolution:Simon Girty and Simon Kenton. These two Simons, however, wereon opposite sides of the war.Simon Girty was raised by Native Americans after his homein Pennsylvania was raided when he was 15. He was taken intoOhio Country and he learned about the ways of the Indians.When he was freed, Simon Girty helped the British as an inter-preter because he could speak the languages of the Indian tribes. Simon Kenton was from Virginia, but moved into the Kentuckyregion when he was 15. The Shawnee Indians and Simon Kentonrespected each other. During the war, Simon Kenton worked forthe American side.Today, Simon Girty is seen as atraitor for working with and defendingthe British. Simon Kenton, however,is considered an American pioneerand hero. He founded the city ofSpringfield, and the city of Kentonin Ohio and Kenton SIMONSIMONKENTON County in Kentucky GIRTY was aserved the skilledAmerican are both named woodsmanArmy during who was alsoLord for him. Today you fluent inDunmores can visit Simon many IndianWar and languages.during the Kentons grave in He wasBattle of hated amongFallen Urbana, Ohio,the whiteTimbers in Champaign settlerswhere he is because heremembered County. encouragedfor his Indians tobravery. attacksettlers.page 30'