b'seemed to the natives to be a good Fort Greenville in June 1795.place to make their stand against the Tecumseh, however, would not sign awhite soldiers. Blue Jacket was their treaty with the whites. More thanleader, and Tecumseh was there, too, 1,000 natives gathered at Fortbut hiding behind tree trunks was no Greenville to discuss the terms of thedefense against Wayne and his men. treaty. New boundaries were setUsing their bayonets, the Americans between American lands (where set-fought a short, decisive battle. Many tlers were welcome) and native landsnatives retreated, running north to the (reserved only for them). This boundaryBritish at Fort Miami for protection. is known as the Greenville Treaty Line.The British closed the gates and the North of the line was native territory.natives could not get in. Native tribes The tribes were also promised annuallearned, once and for all, that they payments (in cash and goods) from thecould not trust the British to help American government.them.Once again, it was time to make a Connecticuttreaty with the natives. General Wayne Western Reserveand his assistant, William Henry You will recall that Congress hadHarrison, met with tribal leaders at allowed Connecticut to keep a strip ofland in the Ohio Country when in 1786Connecticut gave up to the federal gov-ernment its right to most of its landclaims. It kept an area that reachedGraphic (CCC)page 55'