b'of course, are alsonamed for them.Less is known aboutThe Shawnee werethe Shawnee chief,a proud, strong tribe ofBlue Jacket, than about anyBlue Jacket other Native American who people. No one is sureplayed an important role in Ohios history. where they came from,but there is goodThe Shawnee leader,Cornstalk, was born in evidence that theirwestern PennsylvaniaCornstalk ancestors were the Fortabout 1720. His Indian namewas Holokeska. Ancient peoplementioned earlier. WeBy 1770, Logan had moved know that many settledhis family to Ohio. Hein Ohio fromLogan had also become a leaderof the Mingo people. Pennsylvania, but somemay also have come fromsome southern regions.Little Turtle, war chief ofIn fact, the namethe Miamis, defeated JosiahHarmar (1790) andLittle Turtle Shawnee means peopleArthur St. Clair (1791).from the south. Theyconsidered KentuckysIt is believed that the land to be sacred andOttawa chief, Pontiac, Pontiac was born in northwestnever settled there.Ohio about 1720. Hunting was allowed, butno permanent residence.The Prophet was born as When Europeans startedLalawitheka in March 1778 atOld Piqua on the Mad River The Prophet to build settlementsnear present-day Springfield,Ohio. His father was an there, the Shawnee wereimportant Shawnee war chief.very angry so they oftenTarhe was a memberraided those villages.of the Porcupine clan of the Ohio Hurons. Ohio Hurons Just across the OhioTarhe were also called Wyandots. River, the ShawneeTarhe was often referred to as the Crane. established settlementsBy his early twenties near present-dayTecumseh had becomePortsmouth and upwardsa Shawnee leader. He & his brother, The Tecumseh into the Scioto ValleyProphet, had a dream of area. Their centrala unified Indian nation.meeting place was calledGraphic (FF) a chillicothe, frompage 20'