b'Bend, near a northern bend of the OhioRiver and the mouth of the Great Miami.He invited a man from Marietta, IsraelLudlow, to come with them. Ludlow was incharge of laying out the section lines inthe Symmes Purchase area. This was aprivate survey rather than a federal one.It did not follow the established federalsurvey system, and much confusion hascome because of it. As other lands weresurveyed above the Symmes Purchase,the federal surveyors followed LudlowsArthur St. Clair became governor of the unusual method in order to keep theNorthwest Territory on July 9, 1788. areas similar to each other. Many townsGraphic (YY)The first man to buy land in the that were laid out by Ludlow today haveSymmes Purchase was Benjamin Stites streets named for him. North Bendhimself. He led 26 men, many with fami- became the home of William Henrylies, to start a settlement near the Harrison, a future U.S. president, andmouth of the Little Miami River. This the son-in-law of Judge Symmes.area would eventually be a part of Judge Symmes set aside an entireCincinnati, Ohio.range for his friend, Jonathan Dayton.Next, three land developers from Some years later, Robert Patterson andKentucky bought land from Symmes. This his family moved into what is nowtract was across from the mouth of the Montgomery County and established theLicking River. One of the men named the town of Dayton, named in Jonathantown Losantiville (L was for Licking; os is Daytons honor.for the Latin word for mouth; anti New settlements continued to bemeans across from or opposite; and ville established as more and more peoplemeans city.). Fort Washington was built came into the Ohio territory. Recordsnearby for protection. Governor St. Clair show that between 1788 and 1789 more[see graphic (YY)] came in 1790 and organ- than 10,000 people came down the Ohioized Hamilton County, declaring this new River, some settling at Marietta andtown to be the county seat (center of some continuing on to other regions nearlocal government). He renamed the town Cincinnati or further north along theCincinnati. Great Miami. In years to follow, evenSymmes himself led a group of set- more settlers moved into the rich landstlers to establish the town of North of Ohio.page 50'