b'Native AmericanThe Treaty of Fort Stanwix (1784)Land Claims settled an agreement with the Iroquoisof New York. In Ohio, the Treaty of FortWith the American Revolution over McIntosh (1785) and the Treaty of Fortand a new treaty in place, the native Finney (1786) were made with northernIndians in the Northwest Territory had Ohio tribes and with the Shawnee inbeen practically forgotten. The Quebec southwestern Ohio. No white settlementsAct had promised them land, but the would be allowed on the lands reservedTreaty of Paris 1783 did not even for these tribes. The Ohio tribesmention these natives. The British gave rejected all of these treaties. Theland to the new American nation that British continued to interfere in the areathey had already agreed to give to the and kept problems stirred up betweennative Indian tribes. Now it was up to the the tribes and the new nation, hoping thenew American government to create Americans would not be able to hold ontreaties with the Indians. to the territory.Three treaties were signed thatreserved lands for the native Indians.The Northwest Territory included the land north of the Ohio River and east of theMississippi River.(MM)Graphicpage 33'