b'some during this time, the average priceper acre turned out to be about 8cents.Rufus Putnam and Manasseh Cutlerled the first surveyors and settlers tothe first Ohio Company Purchase. Boatsand rafts were built to carry the 48 men(plus an unknown number of women andchildren) to their new land. They leftPennsylvania on April 2, 1788, and fivedays later reached the mouth of theMuskingum River. April 7, 1788, is cele-brated as the first day of permanent,authorized settlement in Ohio. Nearbywas a fort, Fort Harmar, which wouldprovide protection. With a fort and rivernearby, this would be a good place tosettle. They named their settlementMarietta in honor of the queen ofMap of The Ohio Companys Purchase in France, Marie Antoinette (The FrenchSoutheastern Ohio. Graphic (VV) had helped the colonies win the AmericanRevolution. This was one way to thankCompany had promised to support him as them.).the first ever Governor of the Rufus Putnam was in charge of theNorthwest Territory, and they did. survey. Surveyors worked on laying outAfter making the first payment, the town for lands outside the town.the land was to be surveyed. The bound- They used the method shown in thearies were east to the Seven Ranges, Federal Survey System table on page 46,south to the Ohio River, west to the the same one established by the PublicSeventeenth Range, and north as far as Land Act of 1785, but because the landnecessary to make up the entire was so hilly, the rectangular method was1,500,000 acres[see graphic (VV)] . You not as exact as in some other later areas.can see this as the Ohio Companys First In Marietta surveyors marked outPurchase (1787)[see graphic (WW)] . In commons (open areas that belonged to1792 the Ohio Companys Second the townspeople), in-lots (lots in the townPurchase was made. Altogether, the Ohio itself), and out-lots (farmland lotsCompany owned nearly 1,800,000 acres. outside the town). When designing theBecause the nations economy suffered new town, the leaders were careful notpage 47'