b'Settling thetheir cabins. Clearly, this territory wasOhio Lands going to be settled one way or another.By enacting the Northwest Ordinance,1787-1800 Congress finally had a method that wouldOne of the most helpful effects of make expansion into the territorythe Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was orderly and measurable. that the government finally had clear The lands of Ohio were the first tocontrol over the settlement of the fall under the provisions of this ordi-Northwest Territory, especially in the nance. Ohio became the practice area forOhio region. Congress had tried to keep establishing settlements, and problemsillegal settlers out, but more and more were worked out. Territories that weresquatters, people who claimed land settled next benefited from the trialsmerely by living on it, moved into Ohio and errors of settling Ohio first. EachCountry. Lands that had been reserved tract of land in Ohio Country has its ownfor natives were being settled, too, survey and settlement story[see graphiccausing tension between settlers, natives, (RR)] .and the gov-ernment.Congresswas concernedthat westwardsettlement wasquickly gettingout of control.Forts werebuilt and mili-tary action byU.S. troopswas taken tomove thesquatters out.Sometimestheir homeswere evenburned down.The squattersmoved backand rebuilt Graphic (RR)page 42'