b'The Enabling Act constitution in place the population wouldof 1802 have reached the 60,000 mark. On April 30, 1802, PresidentWith steps one and two already Thomas Jefferson signed into law theachieved, the next step was only a Enabling Act of 1802 (as in, enabling thematter of population growth. As you territory to become a state). The ordi-recall, the Northwest Ordinance estab- nance established the states boundarieslished that once a section of the and gave its people the right to draft aNorthwest Territory had 60,000 people constitution. Its language is very similarliving there, it could begin the process of to that of the Northwest Ordinance. Theapplying for statehood. In 1800, Ohios preamble, or opening statement, of thepopulation reached about 45,000 (Native ordinance states:Americans were not counted in the An act to enable the people of thecensusan official count of peopleeastern division of the territorybecause they were not citizens and did northwest of the river Ohio, toform a constitution and state gov-not pay taxes). Over the next two years, ernment, and for the admission ofthe population did grow.such a state into the union, on anequal footing with the originalLeaders of the Ohio region moved states, and for other purposes.quickly to ask Congress to create a new The Enabling Act also stated thatstate here. Congress agreed, knowing the counties could send representativesthat by the time the group had a state to Chillicothe to select a name for thestate and to write the states constitu-tion. Section 16 of each townshipwas to be set aside for education[see graphic (NN) page 34]. TheCongress granted that thesalt springs located inpresent-day LickingCounty would be owned bythe new state. Finally, itset aside part of Michiganto become part of the new Indiana Territory.Ohio Map in 1803 when the state was admitted to the union.Graphic (OOO)page 66'