b'Ohio Country during the Along the OhioAmerican RevolutionThe American Revolution was fought Trailmostly in the East, but the Ohio Country The Nativeplayed its part, too. The British encouraged Americanthe Indians in the frontier areas to attack the Indians in OhioAmerican settlers. Henry Hamilton, the British were notcommander at Detroit, even gave the Indians savages, like some oldrewards for bringing him the scalps of books and movies showAmericans. He was nicknamed the Hair Buyer. them to be. TheyTogether the British and Indians raided fron- respected life, land, andtier settlements and took many Americans as nature, but they knewprisoners of war. The Americans knew they they needed to protectneeded to send someone into the Ohio Country their lifestyle when set-(which was really part of Virginia at the time) tlers threatened to taketo protect their people. One of the most over Ohio. The Indians,important leaders in the Ohio region was just like any race orGeorge Rogers Clark, who won victories over culture, were mostly the British soldiers and their Indian allies. good people. There Although Clarks victories were in modern were good Indians Illinois and Indiana, they helped American colo- and there were badnials secure the Ohio Country. Indians. The same wastrue with the settlers. Good settlers weremen like Simon Kentonand Daniel Boone. Evenwhen these men took uparms against the Indians,as stories go, theyfought with fairness andhonor. Though enemies,each side respected theother. In fact, both ofthese men were friendsof several tribes atvarious times in theirlives.Graphic (KK)page 29'