b'Ohio GeographyOhioans have helped form the eye of a deer (or buck), so thenation into what it is today. Men and name buckeye was only natural.women from Ohio have been great The leaves on a buckeye tree are(state insect) (A) leadersfrom Presidents to people made of five leaflets, which look likewho helped slaves gain their a hand that is spread out and open.freedom, from the first pilots to The buckeye became the officialour nations greatest astronauts.state tree in 1953. Ohio is a beautiful state. It Other state symbols thathas hills, valleys, farmlands, rivers, come from the land include: lakes, and forests. Each of the fourseasons brings about a different ladybug (state insect) (A)beauty in the Ohio lands. Summers cardinal (state bird) (B)are humid and rainy, which causes(state bird) (B) trilobite (state fossil) (C)good growth for both farming andforests. Autumn brings strong har- scarlet carnationvests and changing leaf colors. (state flower) (D)(state fossil) (C) Winters are cold, allowing the land deer (state animal) (E)to rest in preparation for thecoming spring when fields are flint (state mineral) (F)planted and trees blossom with newleaves. The cycle of growth con- Not all of Ohios symbols cometinues year after year as the land from the land or its natural environ-(state flower) (D) ment. There are also other symbolsproduces the best it has to offer.Many of the symbols of the of the state of Ohio that are notstate of Ohio come from the land objects of nature. These importantitself. The state nickname, the man-made symbols include the StateBuckeye State, was created Flag of Ohio and the Great Seal ofbecause of the plentiful buckeye the State of Ohio.trees [see graphic (G)] thatgrow here. The fruit on these(state animal) (E) trees at first has a bumpysurface, but when the outershell is removed, the nut insideis a deep brown color, with one(state mineral) (F) (buckeye leaf with fruit)tan dot. This nut looks like the (G)page 1'