b'Dividing the TerritoryBecause of its great size, leadersknew the Northwest Territory wouldhave to be divided before any part of itcould be a state, but where should thedividing line fall? This became a strongpolitical issue, affected by politicalparties and personal interests. Somepeople wanted the area to be split at the Photograph of the Marietta Land OfficeGreat Miami River, allowing the eastern building. Graphic (NNN)half of Ohio to become a state and the Leaders from Chillicothe opposedwestern half to remain as a less-gov- this idea. Led by Thomas Worthington,erned territory. Governor St. Clair they went to Congress with a proposal towanted to divide it at the Scioto River, keep the divisions that were indicated inmainly because he wanted to split up his the Northwest Ordinance. Worthingtonpolitical enemies and create two com- is regarded today as the father of Ohiopletely separate governments. He was statehood. The town of Worthington,also trying to keep Ohio from attaining near Columbus, is named for him.statehood. He vetoed one law after On May 7, 1800, Congress agreedanother (which as governor he could do) with the group from Chillicothe andto keep this from happening. divided the Northwest Territory along aline that ran from the mouth of theKentucky River north to FortRecovery and continuing north toCanada (later when the state isformed, the line is changed tobegin at the mouth of the GreatMiami and running north to theMichigan line). The land east ofthe line was still called theNorthwest Territory, withCincinnati as its capital; the landwest of the line became the newIndiana Territory, which includedthe present-day states of Indiana,Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin.William Henry Harrison was chosen asGraphic (MMM) the new territorys governor.page 65'