b'Ohios Early Leaders to their home, including PresidentsHere are some early leaders and Madison and Monroe, Henry Clay, Danieltheir wives. You can find much more Webster, and the Shawnee leaderinformation about them at your library. Tecumseh.Edward and Mary (Worthington) Samuel and Hannah Huntington. InTiffin. Edward was a physician who 1801 the Huntingtons (with six children)married Mary Worthington while they moved from Connecticut to the Westernlived in Virginia. The Tiffins moved to Reserve, to what is now downtownChillicothe, Ohio, in 1798, and Edward Cleveland. A lawyer, Samuel representedbecame involved in politics. He was the Trumbull County at Ohios constitutionalfirst governor of the state of Ohio and convention. He was elected to the Ohiohe served two terms. He had been asked Senate and eventually to the Stateto run for a third term as well, but chose Supreme Court. He became our third gov-not to do so. In 1807 he was chosenernor, serving from 1808 to 1810.to represent Ohio as a Senator in Return J. and Sophia Meigs. MarriedWashington, D.C. The following year, his in 1788, Return and Sophia Meigs movedwife Mary died. Edward was so upset that from Connecticut to Marietta with Thehe resigned from office. The town of Ohio Company of Associates. They builtTiffin in Seneca County is named for him. two homes there, the second of which youThomas and Eleanor Worthington. can still visit today. Return Meigs servedTiffins brother-in-law, Thomas as Ohios fourth governor, from 1810 toWorthington [see graphic (RRR)] (brother 1814. These were important years, as youto Tiffins wife Mary) and his wife will discover in the next section. In 1819decided to move to Ohio with the Tiffins Meigs County was formed from part ofin 1798. They built a stone house near Gallia County andChillicothe and named it Adena. You can named in honorvisit their home today and, from one view, of Governorsee the scene that is depicted on the Meigs.Great Seal of Ohio. Thomas helped writethe state constitution. In 1803, hebecame one of the two first Senatorsfrom the state of Ohio. He was a well-liked and powerful member of Congress.In 1814, he left the Senate to becomethe fifth governor of Ohio. His wife,Eleanor, raised ten children and managed In 1803 Thomas Worthingtontheir home. Many important people came became one of Ohios first senators.In 1814 he took office as Ohios 6th Governor.Graphic (RRR)page 71'