b'Glossary of Termsaccessible: capable of being easily reached anthropologist: a scientist who studies people and their cultures appoint: to choose for a job or office archaeologist: a scientist who digs in the earth to find fossils and relics ofancient people artifact: a handmade object that represents a culture cede: to give up or give away something census: an official count of people living in an area colonist: a person who lives in a colony; as in the Thirteen Colonies commerce: buying and selling of goods; business commons: open areas in a town that belong to the townspeople conservationist: a person who is in favor of conserving our natural resources coroner: a person (usually a doctor) who decides the cause of death of anotherpersoncounty seat: the center of local government of an area deed: a legal document that transfers ownership of a parcel of land from oneperson to another effigy mound: an earthwork shaped like an object of some kind; for example, asnakeendowment: something that provides income or support for a person ororganizationentry: a written description of land that serves as a record of its survey excavate: to uncover by digging away at surrounding materials extinct: no longer in existence federal survey system: the system of measuring and marking land for public usethat was adopted in 1785; it used a rectangular plotting system figurehead: someone who has an official title, but has little or no power flint: a hard rock that has sharp edges when it is broken girdle: to cut away the bark of a tree in a complete ring, which causes the deathof the tree by stopping its source of water and food glaciated: an area where glaciers have been glacier: a large body of ice that spreads over land granted: gavehistoric tribe: a group of Native Americans after 1600, when written recordsabout them can be found immigrate: to come to a new country to live in-lot: a lot that is within a town itself incorporated: combined to form a unified organization justify: to make an excuse for; to have a reason for kame: a hill made up of gravel land grant: land that is given by government to a person or organization land office: an official place of business where land could be bought from thegovernmentland scrip: a special paper used like money, but only for buying land page 86'