b'were not being represented and that a The Northwest Territory wasgroup of five people could not adequately larger than most European countries,govern such a large territory. including England. St. Clair acknowledged that the At the second meeting of the terri-second step, having at least 5,000 free torial legislature, Edward Tiffin[seeadult male inhabitants, had been reached. graphic (KKK)] of Chillicothe was chosen asIt was time to create a territorial legis- speaker of the house of representatives.lature. Elections were held over the Henry Vanderburgh (of Indiana) wasentire territory. Delegates were chosen chosen as president of the council (theby the end of 1798 and met for the first council is what today we would call thetime in February 1799 in Cincinnati. Most state senate). were from Ohio because this was the The legislature (made up of the twomost populated area of the Northwest houses: representatives and council) gotTerritory. This group of men wasbusy. They set up clear election laws andelected to represent a large area.began to establish taxes so the territo-rial government had money with which tooperate. Land was taxed at differentrates, depending on how good the landwas (from 85 cents per 100 acres forgood land, down to 25 cents per 100acres for poor land). County courtsassessed (determined the value of) andcollected the taxes. The legislature alsopassed laws about public service, personalbehavior, and criminal activities. It alsoupheld the provision in the NorthwestOrdinance forbidding slavery in this ter-ritory. The leaders felt that allowingEdward Tiffin was chosen slave labor into this state would under-speaker of the house of mine the development and growth thatrepresentatives . He would go on to become a Democratic- free labor could provide. They believedRepublican governor of Ohio that slavery could severely affect thefrom 1803 until 1807.Graphic (KKK) economic potential of Ohio.page 62'