b'into office on March 1, 1803, in Chillicothe,Statehood for Ohio the first capital of Ohio.After consideration and approval in Chillicothe remained the statesboth houses (Senate and House of capital until 1810. Because of politics, theRepresentatives), Ohios constitution was capital was moved to Zanesville from 1810made official, approved by a final bill that to 1812, when it returned to Chillicothe.was signed by President Thomas Jefferson Still not satisfied with this site, the stateon February 19, 1803[see graphic (OOO) legislature considered some other optionspage 66] . Ohio was the seventeenth state for capital cities. Four citizens from theof the union, although the new state legisla- town of Franklinton in central Ohio offeredture chose March 1, 1803 as the official to donate ten acres on the east side of thedate. Scioto River for state buildings andBy this time, the January election had another ten acres for a state penitentiary.been held. The new governor of the state In 1816 the new city was named Columbus,of Ohio was Edward Tiffin. No one even and it became the capital of Ohio. Itopposed him in the election. He was sworn remains our capital to this day.Along the Ohio TrailDid you know that Ohio has the only flag of all 50 states that isnt arectangle? Technically, its shape is called a burgee, a special type of pennant.It has seventeen stars, for being the seventeenth state. The white circleinside the blue triangle represents the O for Ohio. The red centerrepresents the eye of the buckeye, a state symbol.About the Great Seal in the very first assembly of the Ohio legislaturein March 1803, leaders felt that Ohio should have an official state seal. A sealrepresented official government authority. Official papers would be stampedwith a seal to indicate they were approved by the government. A committeewas set up to design a seal for Ohio. Over the years, Ohio has had differentseals. Here are some of them:Seal of the Northwest Canal scene used in the Present Seal of the Territory used from July 26, State of Ohio Seal from State of Ohio, as1788 until Ohio statehood. early 1840s to 1866. modified in 1967page 70'