b'Native Wars and the army. His men wereTreaty of Greenville defeated, too.Concerned aboutEven though the American these losses, the federalRevolution was over, the British con- government helped out.tinued to be a problem for the In 1792 Congress sent aAmericans. The British soldiers did not leader from the American General Madreturn to England. Instead, they con- Revolution, General Anthonytrolled the Canadian regions near the WayneAnthony Wayne[see graphic Graphic (AAA)Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence (AAA)] , to Fort WashingtonRiver. They kept the natives stirred up (his nickname during the Revolution wasabout American settlers moving into Mad Anthony Wayne because of histhe Northwest Territory and encour- courage and willingness to take risks).aged the natives to attack the settle- After more than a year of training,ments. The British even gave them guns Wayne and his men moved north andand ammunition. built Fort Greenville (a 50-acre enclo-Because of these attacks, settlers sure that was originally spelled Greeneneeded to build forts for protection Ville) in 1793. Then they went to theagainst the natives. Fort Washington area where St. Clair had been defeatedwas built near Cincinnati. Soon Fort and built Fort Recovery. The nextHamilton and Fort Jefferson were built spring (1794) they built Fort Defiancein western Ohio, too. In 1790, the new along the Maumee River in north-governor of the Northwest Territory, western Ohio. This was a good name forArthur St. Clair, decided to send an a fort because it was built in thearmy to punish the middle of native territory (Defiancenatives. He asked General means the act of resisting or showingHarmar to head north opposition).from Cincinnati. They got The British at Detroit knew whatas far as present-day the Americans were doing. Natives toldFort Wayne, Indiana, them all about the new forts and thewhere the Miamis hit growing army that was better trainedOne of the them with a surprise than previous ones had been. Concernedwampum belts attack. Manypresented at the that the Americans were getting toosigning Americans were killed, close to British Canada, the Britishof the Treaty of and the rest fled backGreenville. built Fort Miami, also on the MaumeeExchanging belts to Cincinnatis Fort River.of wampum was a Washington. Next, St.special way of Set for battling the natives,giving your word.Clair himself led anGraphic (ZZ) General Wayne first sent a message topage 53'